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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Best Google Adsense Alternative Website To Earn In Lakhs

Best Google Adsense Alternative To Earn In Lakhs 

Hello guys! Today I Will tell you best Adsense alternative to earn money. As you all know to get an Adsense approval is very tough and we get confuse how to get Adsense approval. So leave Adsense approval and try this propeller ads. It is turning to be good to monetize your website.

Propeller Ads Full Review And Earning Plan 

Propeller ads provide you many kinds of ads to paste it on your website. One main thing that I like about propeller ads is that for 1000 impression you will get 5$ which is a very good amount. You can payout your money from PayPal and wire transfer you will receive your payment within two weeks. Minimum amount to payout your payment is 100$. You can track your impression and clicks very easily. It don't need any approval just enter your website URL and verify. It is very simple and best ads providing networks.

How to sign up with propeller ads 

1. Click on the given link 👉  https://publishers.propellerads.com/#/pub/auth/signUp?refId=TE9T

2. You will be redirected to this page given below

3. Now, if you want to show ads on your website then click on publisher. Then you will see such interface given below.

4. Fill out your personal details and summit it. Then they will ask your website name you have to give your website name and start earning. It don't need any approval.

5. Now start placing you ads and start earning with propeller ads.


It is the best ad network which provide you good CPM rates and many more. It is becoming more and more popular day by day. From my side this is the best ad network to monetize your website.

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