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Saturday, September 1, 2018


 How to earn money daily?  

Do you know guys there are many people on internet that are earning daily in lakh with these coolest tricks. There are many tricks on internet from which you and I can earn daily in Lakhs but I will tell you only 5 ways from which you can money in lakhs within a short period of time. Earning money has become a great passion around the world.

5 ways from which you can earn money in lakhs 

1. Affiliate marketing 

This is the best and coolest way to earn money in lakhs online. In this you can earn money in commission. Affiliate marketing means when we refers amazon products to our friends and then they buy from there then you will get a great commission.
There are many websites which provides you affiliate programs such as Flipkart, Amazon, myntra, snapdeal and many more. 

Process of affiliate programs -:

If a person buys a mobile phone of 15,000 then you will get a commission of 10%. Which is good by this you earn free money without any investments . You just have to sign-up to amazon affiliate program then you have to generate products links and refers to your friends and followers. If he buys from your given link then you will earn money. 

Full guide to sign up with amazon affiliate program-:

Click here to Sign up and you will redirected to amazon affiliate program sign up. Then write your personal information and you can also give your website name to them. If you had website then you can easily promote amazon products on your website and earn lots of commission. 

2.Youtube videos

It is also a good way to earn money. In this you have to make your own videos and then publish it on YouTube. Amount of people that view you videos that much amount of money will be provided to you. It's absolutely free and a good and simple way.

How to setup for YouTube videos 

First of all guys you have to login to YouTube then go in account settings there you will see a option of upload video. You just have upload videos there and when you get your 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time then you are eligible to earn money. When you get this apply for Adsense ( it is a type of app that display adds on YouTube videos and on website. Number of people that click this add that much amount of dollar you will be provide). So guys you are thinking of that It will take time to get 1,000 subscribers and many more things. But the actual secret is that everyone starts from 0 and with the help of their performance and tasks they do with the help of that they start earning. If you don't believe me then check "Technical Guruji" Channel it starts from 0 subscribers but he is earning 1 lakh in one day only. That's why I'm saying you from this you can be a millionaire. 

3. Make you own Blogs

This is a very good way and most of the country is following this. In this you to write blogs and the amount of person read and click on ads that's is on your blogs that much dollar you will earn. The best way is that you can blogs on www.blogger.com It is the best website from where you can write blogs and start earning.

Basics tips before you start your blogs. 
First of all it is very important to know that what is blogs and what is the uses of writing it? Blogs is a way from which you can write article on any topic and then you can link your blog to Adsense to earn money. To get verify for Adsense you have to write minimum 18 posts on your blogs which is good and attractive. After writing it you will eligible to apply your ads on blogs. You have to buy your own domain name – it's the name of website. You can buy a domain name for godaddy. Then you have to login to Adsense and then type your domain name that you had buy for example www.alllatestupdate.com .Then you will be get a verification code you just had to paste it in your html language between head tags and head/tag . Then you will get a message from Adsense that your website has been verified or not. If not then you can apply as many times since it not get applied. Now I hope that you understand about blogs and how to earn money from blogs. 

4. Play live trivia games 
This is the bestest way from which you can earn money in a most simple way. There are many apps related to this you can check and download it but my own favourites are Loco, Baazinow, and HQ Trivia. In these are there are quizzes at a fixed time you just had to pen at the time of quiz when you open it there will be quiz of 10 questions If you answer all the questions correct then you will get a great prize of Money 1 Lakh and many more gifts. 

5. Make your own app 

This is awesome way of making money online. You just have to make app and login with admob with the help of  you can display ads on your app. How much people click on your ads that much money you will be provided. It is also a good way from my side. If you don't know how to make apps and how to link with admob then you can go to YouTube and search you will get many videos related to these this and check out that. 

These already my favorites way to ear money online. If you like any of the way then please comment me and I will provide more information for that for you. If you like these topics then please comment and share to your friends so that they can also start earning. 


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