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Sunday, September 16, 2018

If You Do This Before Attempting Your Exams Then I'm Dam Sure That You Will Get Full Marks

Learning and study are both the precious things in the world. Someone likes it and someone hates it but he/she had to learn it. There are many students that study 1 or 2 hours and they score good marks whereas those students who study whole day just studying they get less marks. So I will tell you how they do?

Before learning meditate 5 to 10 minutes and study tension free. If you are learning and thinking about future and what next I had to do then you will never succeed. It is very important to learn carefully and tension free. 

Don't make yourself feel bad by demotivating because if you think that I had to do 10 questions in 1 hour but I had done only 6 questions then motivate yourself that in 1 hour I had done 6 six questions and rest questions I will do in next half an hour. If you demotivate yourself then you will be not able to do rest questions. 

Before Exam day sleep maximum for 8 hours and meditate before attempting the questions. Don't revise on exam day and stand alone on exam make yourself free. If you try this then you will get good marks. 

Try This Before Attempting Your Exams 
  • Before exam day sleep at least for 8 hours and eat delicious and good food revise your chapter thoroughly. 
  • Don't think about questions if you don't know the answer then you can write something related to that chapter. Then your teacher will give you some marks because you had written something about that.
  • Before going to attempt your questions paper meditate for 5 minutes and revise what you had learned in that 5 minutes.
  • When you go for exams go only with your stationery material and cardboard to attempt your question paper. 
My Top Secret To Get Good Marks 

If you read this secret than you will be shocked because I study only for 1 or 2 hours and I score very good marks because I only learn the concepts and I don't learn questions. If you read this entirely full paragraph then you will get a very good marks. If you want marks like me than read all chapters and make flowcharts related to the chapter and learn that flowchart and in exam write about what you read about the chapters then you will get a very good marks. I'm trying this from past years and my marks are keep on increasing. 


Please try this full process that I had mentioned above if you do this than you will get better good marks. This is my personaly tried method and I'm getting awesome marks. 

Please comment if you like my methods and follow me for latest updates and many more. 

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