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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jio DTH Set Top Box Launch Date & Plans | Features | Welcome Offer | Price In India.

Hello guys! As we all know that Jio had launched many new gadgets at very cheap price and they are trying to become world's popular company. Jio team is thinking to launch Jio DTH set top box services very soon. Everyone is waiting for Jio DTH set top, launch dates, it's functions and price in India. So today I Will tell you all the information related to Jio DTH set top box.

Reliance Jio team is coming up with set top services and Jio Fiber Broadband. We all are aware that all cables and network lines were setting up in villages and towns. In many cities jio DTH had been launched. Soon it will be available in villages and major towns. 

Jio set top box launch date & plans 

Jio DTH will be easily available in all the cities before Diwali. In many cities, DTH set top box had launched early such as Dehli, Mumbai, Chennai and many more cities. So Jio will launch DTH services before December exact date cannot be determined

Jio set top box plans 

Jio will be providing 500+ channels in jio set top box which is 400+ normal channels and remaining channels will Higher definition  (HD) channels. This will benefit all the users who love to watch TV.

Jio DTH price will be around 200 to 300 Rs in India. Because jio want to provide cheapest price to their users and benefit the most to the users. The price of Jio DTH plan would be less than 300 Rs in India per month. Hip channels can be seen without buffering due to IPTV and it will provide full 4K resolution.

Basic jio set top box plans

1. Jio DTH Home pack
2. Jio DTH plans according to your choice
3. Jio DTH Silver pack
4. Jio DTH Gold pack
5. Jio DTH Platinum Pack

Jio DTH Features 

  • It has the features of USB cable and supported by number of channels.
  • It also has the LAN capability. 
  • It can be seen without buffering because it contains IPTV
Welcome offers 

From the previous products launched by the Jio we can determine that similarly like all other products jio dth will be cheap and it will get you about 3 months free which is Avery good deal to us. It has provided all there products at very cheap and best price. The had launched many offers on the products so that they can buy this products.

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