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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What Is Blogging & It's Uses Of Making Blogs | All Latest Update


A blogging is a shorten web pages to blog. It can be created by an individual or a group. Now a days blogging is becoming popular day by day.

Uses of Blogging 

There are two meanings for starting a work that is to earn or to improve that work. Similarly by blogs you can earn money and we can improve our writing skills.

1. To Earn Money 

Many people think to earn money online and they think that blogging is the best way to earn money online. Which is definitely true because people start writing their blogs as they written 25 posts in a blog then they can approve for Adsense. If Adsense team approved their account then they can show ads on blogs and start earning. Adsense approval is not very easy it require hardworking and good dedication.

How to approve Adsense? 

Guys Adsense approval is not very easy you had to work for it approval. Firstly, you had to write minimum 25 to 30 posts in our blog without any copyright content and without copyright images. You have to buy a domain name and a web hosting which is not very expensive. You can buy from godaddy it is the best website from which you can buy domain name at good price. Secondly, you need to have traffic in your posts if there is no traffic then no approval. You had to write minimum 300 words in each posts and you had to design your post like an professional. You had to make maximum three pages on your website that is privacy policy, about us, and contact us to get an approval

Finally, when you approve Adsense than you can generally see a widget on your layout and you can easily display ads on your website. When anyone click on that ad then you will earn money.

This is my personally tried method and I'm earning good amount of money so I hope that you will learn this and start earning. Most of the people start their blogs to make a side income for their family.

If you don't get Adsense approval 

If you are not able to getting Adsense approval then don't worry you can easily choose other ads networks such as media.net, infolinks, propeller ads and many more. These are also good to make your first income and many people are using these ads networks those who are not able to getting Adsense approval.

2. Improve Writing Skills 

When we keep writing about something everyday then we learn something. Similarly when we make blog and write about specific topic or niche will keep on increasing my writing power and my grammatical errors.

Blogs are the best way to improve your writing skills and grammatical errors. Blogs help many people in their writing skills and they are also learning about it.

With the help of blogs you can easily share thoughts, desire and many more things to the world and the viewers and read this. You can use them as your personal diary and share your contents


I hope that by reading this full article you can easily understood and you will go and make your blogs because by making it there is many advantages and no disadvantages of making it.

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