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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How To Get An Adsense Approval Easily & Quickly 2018

How To Get An Adsense Approval Easily & Quickly 2018

Hello guys! If you had made a website and you want to get an Adsense approval but you are not able to get an Adsense approval than you think to quit website. So don't quit website because today I Will tell you how you can get a Adsense approval within 48 hours quickly and easily. 

To get an Adsense approval you had to follow certains Tips & Tricks  to get Adsense approval easily & quickly 

1. Buy Custom Domain 

To get an Adsense approval you need hight quality domain such as com, net, in and many more. If you are thinking to get an Adsense approval on blogspot domain or free domains then I'm sorry because Adsense needs high quality domains. If you had a buyed a high quality domain then you are not getting approval this means that your domain is not old. In Adsense policies it is clearly mentioned that domain needs to be 6 Months old.

2. Buy Web Hosting  

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organization to make their website accessible in this world wide web (WWW). There are many benefits of buying an web hosting because it loads our site faster.  If you had buyer a website hosting then there is a high chance of getting an Adsense approval. There are several sites from which you can buy web hosting such as Bluehost, Hostgator Cloud, GoDaddy, A2 Hosting and many more. If you are not able to buy web hosting then there are some free web hosters also Blogger and Wordpress. So If you want to get an Adsense approval fast then you had to buy an web hosting.

3. Make some pages on Your website 

There are several rules and policies that Adsense follow they had clearly mentioned that to get an Adsense approval they had to write minimum 30 articles on a website which need to long and quality content. In each article there should be above 500 words and 3 to 4 images in all article. Your article content should not be copyrighted and no copyrighted images need to be used in your article. In your website you had create 3 to 4 main pages such as privacy policy, contact us, about us and disclaimer. If you do this then you will easily get your Adsense approval.

4. Rank your website on google 

If you had ranked your website on Google than within 12 hrs you will get an Adsense approval. But to rank your website on Google is very tough because challenge is day by day increasing but way to rank your blog is by writing SEO ( search engine optimization ) friendly post. By writing SEO friendly post you easily get an Adsense approval. 

5. Tweet on Twitter To Adsense Team 

If you had done all the tricks mentioned above and still you are not getting an Adsense approval then you can tweet on twitter to Adsense Team in such a way that I had written below 👇 
Dear @Adsense Team 
My name is ( your name ) I'm trying to verify my site ( your website address ) but Adsense team can't respond please verify my site. 
If you do this then you will easily get an Adsense approval this is best and trusted way from which you easily get your Adsense approval. 

Please follow all the tips mentioned above if tried all the tricks than I'm Dam sure that you will get your Adsense approval within 48 hours. Please comment it below if you had got your Adsense approval by following these tips. 

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